I've gotten a new journal, keainanhai I want to get everything matching, it just makes life 3487895x easier for me, I've added most of the communities I was in before, I added some friends back, but some I have taken off. Ok, super then bye bye NOW!
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First Entry

Wow. First entry. I remember doing my first on DeadJournal. It was so odd. I had no idea what I was doing or what to write. I just saw someones DeadJournal, so what the hell, why not get one!?! So here we are probably like 2 2½ years later. I've come a long way journal-wise. Finally got the almighty LiveJournal which is what you're reading right now. Thanks to my buddy Evan, hooked me up with a invite code. I really got this journal so I could post in lj_everywhere but hey I guess I can use it for this site too. Cool huh?! Anyways, if you don't know about me and my Scene Journals then just go to www.scenejournal.com and check us out. Ok...well I got some work to do, actually lots...
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